Marfa Lights

Dec. 2019

Since we were so close to Marfa, Texas on our Elephant Mountain hunting trip and the fabled Marfa Lights were just a few miles away we had to go check things out.

We arrived at the awesome viewing area set just off Hwy 90 between Alpine and Marfa Texas. This wonderful building was placed for optimal orb viewing and had low visibility lights at night to protect your night vision. More importantly for some, it had nice restrooms.

The mysterious lights are said to appear against the mountains to the southwest of the viewing area. There is a red beacon that can be see in the far distance at night and the “true” lights are said to appear to the left of it. Lights appearing to the right of the beacon are, as many suspect, vehicle lights from traffic on highway 67. Hwy 67 is about 20 miles away from the viewing area and the lights from traffic traveling the road appear and disappear as cars and trucks make their way through the mountains and behind terrain.

The “true” ghost lights are said to be rather rare and don’t appear every night.

These are vehicle lights from Hwy 67. If you look closely you can even make out the highway.

During our visit we may have seen some lights to the left of the beacon. We did however see many lights to the right of the beacon and saw them for the vehicle lights they were. Thinking that was what all the hype was about we were both amused and disappointed.

Later we would learn that the “real” ghost lights should appear to the left of the beacon where there were no roads. Unfortunately we didn’t know that then and so thought the car lights were what everyone was calling “mysterious” and “paranormal”.

We had a lot of fun standing on the viewing area platform watching for lights and listening to the people around us. Some were skeptical, some were just there for the experience and others… well there were some others whom I would call “overly enthusiastic”. There were even some “self-proclaimed experts” who knew exactly what the lights were. When one of these experts who was absolutely certain their pet theory was the correct one heard another expert with a differing theory things got, interesting. The amusement value was priceless.

Still, it was worth going and looking. Are we convinced the lights are a true paranormal phenomena? Not really, but neither are we saying it is a hoax. There is definitely something going on there.


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