It was a sharky kind of day. Steve and I scooted offshore about 8 miles. We caught over half a dozen sharks, lost a few and even had one chase the boat.

As we were heading to a new spot this 8 foot hammerhead followed us. I think it was attracted to the water flowing out of the bait well. The speed of these animals is unbelievable! It was fun to watch and we could have caught it easily but didn’t want to. I did try to entice it with a bait for photos but had trouble keeping the bait away from it.

After playing with the hammerhead for a while we headed in to a near shore rig. I saw a couple of cobia hanging around the rigs legs but never managed to hook one. The water was beautiful and the weather was awesome so we decided to finish out the day there. I even played with the spadefish (angelfish) which were thick around the boat.

A few hours before dark Steve hooked into something “substantial”. After fighting it for a while he got it close enough to see that it was a very nice blacktip shark. Since those are some of the best eating sharks around we decided to keep it. A little while later my rod went off and I had a decent blacktip shark as well. Steve’s shark was 5 1/2 foot and mine was 5 foot.

All in all a fun day!



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