A few years after I finished the hatchling dragon “Boy Blue” I discovered Windstone Dragons. I was inspired to try and put scales on one of my casts. Since I was essentially carving scales into a hard resin cast the process was not an easy one. And so this version earned the name Bugger. Because forming all those tiny scales and details was a bugger to do.

The original “Boy Blue”
After a many hours scales are starting to spread.
The eye is still just a bit of paint on the original eye.
The eye is drilled out to accept a custom glass eye by Tohickon. Also the cheek is bulked up and detail added as well as extending the tail to accept a tail fan.
More scales
The tail is scaled
Working on the wing fingers.
All done.
He is a tiny little guy.
After some on-line research, and a bit of trial and error, I learned to make a mold. Now many more Buggers can be made. I’m not sure if that is a good thing. Having all those little dragons around is bound to lead to trouble. Not to mention nipped fingers and singed hair!
Now the fun part. Adding color. The possibilities are endless.
Salt Water Gobi
Sumatran Tiger
Fresh water Discus
Seal Point Siamese
Siberian Husky
Another Seal Point Siamese
Sun Conure



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