Dear cats…

Set into the exterior wall of our shared dwelling place is a little door with a flappy thing over its opening. This is your door. It is provided for your pleasure and conveniently located right next to the “people door” for your exclusive use. The aperture is accessible from both directions so that you may egress and enter our common dwelling at your pleasure. You may even sit directly in the center of the flappy door for those occasions in which you feel like neither going outside nor staying inside, as you are want to do.

I know you are aware of this portals’ existence and how to use it because of the numerous “toys” and “gifts” which you proudly bring in from the outer jungle and deposit on the kitchen floor, living room carpet and in the middle of the communal feline sleeping place I amusingly refer to as “my” bed. While I am always appreciative and thankful for these glorious “treasures” which you graciously bestow upon me. I cannot help but wonder if you only use the smaller entryway when necessary to circumvent my personal editing of such “gifts” when you try and bring them through the “people door”?

Given that you have demonstrated the ability to use this secondary access it would be much appreciated if you use this entryway exclusively for future interior/exterior admittance. It would be beneficial to the human inhabitants if, instead of singing loudly at the base of the “people door” for a personal servant to open the larger doorway, that you walk a mere three feet laterally and utilize the smaller personal access point provided to you. This would significantly cut down on interior air outflow and allow for better inside temperature management.

Thank you for your understanding.

Perhaps I was unclear?


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