Hunting the Eocene at Whiskey Bridge (Feb 14, 2014)

Last weekend for Valentines Day, Steve and I spent a few hours hunting along the banks of the Brazos looking for fossils. We chose the popular Whiskey bridge area and were not disappointed. Steve found the prize of the day in the form of a mostly intact cuttlefish “skeleton”. It isn’t really bone but is the fossilized inner structure of a long extinct cuttlefish. That pointy thing is really from its rear. Not the beak.

This is it just before we began the removal process. It is just the way he found it.

After a bit of careful picking and digging we had it out. It was already cracked but a bit of glue can fix that.

Here it is all cleaned up and pieced back together.

Some more of our finds. The amount of detail preserved in these tiny treasures is amazing. They look remarkably like modern day sea shells they are so well preserved. The only thing is, they are located over 100 miles from the coast and several feet down into the earth. It is only because the Brazos river cuts through the deposit that is is so accessible.

Not too bad for a few hours of bank hunting.  

I love fossil hunting.

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