Robins First Ling

Aug. 2019

The blue water was in close and the wind was calm so we decided to take the boat out and see what we could find. We had been hoping to come across some weed lines to find mahi mahi but never found any. Then we came in and started chumming behind anchored shrimp boats. The ramoras were thick and we had a decent shark cruise by but nothing noteworthy.

Finally we pulled up to a shrimp boat that held a bit more promise. I threw out a handful of chum and two ling swam out. One was bigger than the other so I threw my bait in front of it. It swallowed it and I soon had a fight on my hands. It took a little while before we were able to get it in the boat. Even though it looks big it is just barely long enough to keep.

Nothing else showed up so we headed to another shrimp boat. At first we didn’t see anything. Then this huge ling poked its nose out from under the boat. I pitched a bait toward it and the fight was on!


I had to sit down for the photo because there was no way I could pick up that monster after battling it for so long. My arms were rubber!

We only came home with two fish. But we aren’t complaining!


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